Beehive Heart

written by Petra Magno

Petra is probably one of the best, most interesting people I know, and it’ll be a bummer to see her gone. She’s leaving for New York and I’ll miss her so.

Background on this comic: We were hanging out in a coffee shop. Petra was trying to explain how she was dealing with being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Somewhere in that conversation we came up with a metaphor for how othe people have gardens inside them and she has a hive of bees for a heart. She decided to write a comic around that. And here we are. 

07 / 5 / 14

Artist: Alfonso Bassig
Track: All For You (Demo Snippet)

I haven’t posted any music in a while so here’s a snippet of this song that’s been on the shelf for 3 years now. This one’s very pop-friendly and I know some of you guys probably won’t be into it so don’t go judging my boyband lyrics, haha.

06 / 28 / 14

Anonymous said: i like u it sucks


06 / 18 / 14

Anonymous said: Do you have lomo cameras?

Wala eh, loma lang #dadjoke

06 / 15 / 14