I don’t exactly know how I got my parents into letting me, but I’m now staying at a dormitory with my blockmate on weekdays. Going out to dinner alone, not getting to listen to my sister talk about her annoying officemates, having to stand DotA boys ‘cause our dorm has no wi-fi–it’s really a continuous process of adjustment. But all is good. Sanayan lang talaga.

In ten hours I’m gonna be seeing my best friend star in a play for the first time, on her birthday. There will be tears!

In three days I’ll be auditioning (performing my originals!!) for this nationwide songwriting camp thing.

Not trying to jinx it but there’s this chance that my orgmates and I will go to Japan for an ASEAN exchange program [internal screaming]

I’ve been constantly failing myself and other people this week so I’m hoping the universe lets these go well. At least Sophie’s day if not mine.

09 / 26 / 14


Beehive Heart

written by Petra Magno

Petra is probably one of the best, most interesting people I know, and it’ll be a bummer to see her gone. She’s leaving for New York and I’ll miss her so.

Background on this comic: We were hanging out in a coffee shop. Petra was trying to explain how she was dealing with being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Somewhere in that conversation we came up with a metaphor for how othe people have gardens inside them and she has a hive of bees for a heart. She decided to write a comic around that. And here we are. 

07 / 5 / 14

Artist: Alfonso Bassig
Track: All For You (Demo Snippet)

I haven’t posted any music in a while so here’s a snippet of this song that’s been on the shelf for 3 years now. This one’s very pop-friendly and I know some of you guys probably won’t be into it so don’t go judging my boyband lyrics, haha.

06 / 28 / 14

Anonymous said: i like u it sucks


06 / 18 / 14